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Your JoeDog is a Big Fan of artificial intelligence. His pinochle game represents one foray into the field. The computer bids based on its results experience. Your JoeDog can’t predict how it will bid a particular hand. It looks for experiences that resemble its current hand and it bids accordingly. Unfortunately, it still plays programmatically. As such, it can never be better than this nerd-blogger.

CBS Sports and Yahoo are doing interesting things with AI. Their fantasy football sites use artificial intelligence to summarize millions of games each week. The software analyzes lots of data and composes articles much like a human reporter. They only fail the Turing Test due to a contemplation of scale: A rational person soon realizes there aren’t enough humans on earth to produce that many articles by Tuesday morning.

There’s a more personal reason why Your JoeDog likes these cyber reporters: they think highly of his coaching skill:

Tonzie Crushers benefited from smart coaching this week. Coach Fulmer left Chris Johnson and Justin Hunter on the bench in favor of Frank Gore and Robert Woods, who were both expected to score less.

These great decisions boosted Tonzie Crushers’ final score by 22.1 points, which just made the final result that much more embarrassing. Putting Gore in the staring lineup also gained more points than any other coaching move this week, making it the Volkswagen Start of the Week.

Well this week. Last week they thought he was a moran