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up arrow Anonymous At War

anonYour JoeDog blogged about politics for a solid five years. During that time, there was nobody he wouldn’t attack head-on. With his blogging posse, he helped drive several foes from the Internets, he defaced other blogs with titties and Goatse and waged a holy war with the state of Denmark. He even got into a bare-knuckle brawl with Daniel Pearl’s widow. (Hey – she started it.)

But it’s not true to say he’s without fear. Your JoeDog wouldn’t dream of sparring with the “hacker” collective known as Anonymous. They have a lot combined knowledge and a lot of time on their hands. You may consider yourself well guarded but Anonymous will tirelessly prod your defenses until they find an exploitable weakness. They are more relentless than you are thorough.

And so Your JoeDog was greatly amused when he learned that Anonymous declared war on Islamic Jihadis. Because fsck Jihadis. Their values are anathema to hacker values. They try to silence opposing views. They monopolize information and points of view. They destroy rather than build. They are sexist, intolerant douchebags.

Anonymous will start with their social media but they’ll soon tire of that and move onto other things. The fledgling Islamic State surely has some digital infrastructure that could use a good fscking with. And I have no doubt they’ll expose the identities of Western assholes who take up weapons in the name of a sixth century goat herder. Good luck, Jihadis. You’re gonna need it.