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up arrow Siege 4.1.1

Your JoeDog has been busy! We’ve fixed more bugs and added more features. Whoo hoo!

This release improves –reps=once. Prior to this release, each user would complete the urls.txt files. So if you had 5 users, each URL in the file was requested five times. That’s the way it was intended, you guys! Unfortunately, that matched the expectations of exactly no siege users on Earth. Now each siege user takes an unused URL and makes a request for it. If the urls.txt file contains 100 URLs, siege will make 100 requests no matter how many users are running. NOTE: If you have the parser enabled, it will still make all those requests so the total can still be a lot higher than 100 requests.

With release 4.1.1, siege now handles HTTP 201 responses and follows its Content-Location. This works with both POST and PUT requests.

This release fixes an issue with FTP requests. You’ll have less trouble locating files. It contains other minor bug fixes as well.

You can find the latest siege release here: SIEGE-4.1.1