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up arrow Siege-4.1.4

UPDATE: A sieger found an error in this release. DO NOT USE siege-4.1.4. We will have an new update soon.

Your JoeDog has been fighting a problem on a spattering of Linux platforms. Some of your fellow siegers reported application hangs when running in timed mode (-t N / –time=N). Unfortunately, Your JoeDog was not able to replicate the problem. Thanks to the persistence of people reporting this problem, we were finally able to troubleshoot it. It seems we incorrectly identified those platforms as asynchronous cancel safe. Spoiler alert: They weren’t.

This release should stop siege from hanging at the end of a timed run.

Siege-4.1.4 also fixes a problem an FTP problem. If the server had a functioning listener but its handlers were hosed, siege would continue reading zero bytes on an endless loop. Now it’s able to say, “Hey, man. You’re listening but you’re not doing a damn thing for me.” The result is FTP/421.

We recommend all users update to 4.1.4.