up arrow Fido 1.1.2 Release

I like C. It’s probably my favorite language. Yeah, yeah, sure, it doesn’t have support for objects but that doesn’t mean you can’t write your own. Fido was written in C but it has an object-oriented architecture. This design makes it easy to debug memory problems and simple to re-use code. (I use the same hash table in all my projects.) So I like C but it also sucks. Version 1.1.1 of this application contains a bug that wouldn’t have compiled in other languages. C was all, “What? You want to do something stupid? Okay, fine.”

As a result, fido-1.1.1 doesn’t trigger an alert when a file reaches its target age while logging is turned on. All fido users should upgrade to fido-1.1.2.tar.gz


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