GNU Getopt For PHP
By Jeffrey Fulmer (January 2011)
This article introduces a PHP port of GNU Getopts. It is based on the 1998 Java port by Aaron M. Renn. Whenever possible, I tried to remain true to Mr. Renn’s orginal effort. If you’re familar with the java port, the PHP port should feel the same….

sh Scripting Cheat Sheet
By Jeffrey Fulmer
A quick guide for those who sh script but not that often. We remember 30 some conditional operators so you won’t have to….

Using Siege to Tune Apache on GNU/Linux
By Jeffrey Fulmer (April 2010)
Siege is a great tool to measure web site performance and establish benchmark metrics. What do you do if siege shows your performance sucks? This document illustrates how to tune your server and validate those tunings with siege….

Global Web Site Performance Improvement
By Jeffrey Fulmer (published in Sys Admin)
For more than a decade, programmers have been refining the art of Web development while systems administrators have been honing configurations, adding hardware, and fattening network pipes. Upgrades at peering points and transport backbones have dramatically improved network performance. Despite all these enhancements, however, many users still register the same complaint — “Your site is too slow!”

Improve Performance with Cache-Control Headers
by Jeffrey Fulmer (published in Sys Admin)
Most Web sites contain static elements that are shared by several pages. Each page on a template-driven site will likely contain common elements such as style sheets, scripts, and images. As a browser parses HTML, it looks for items required to construct the page. If each request requires the browser to repeatedly download the same elements, a lot of unnecessary bandwidth will be consumed in just a few short clicks….

Bandwagon Fans
by Jeffrey Fulmer (published in Barhopper)
May 2005In the late 80s and early 90s, the Bays were bad, really bad. People frequently combined the records of Green Bay and Tampa Bay in a vain attempt to create a more competitive franchise. The result was Grampa Bay….

Where Have You Gone, Mr. Microphone?
by Jeffrey Fulmer (first published on Blog Day Afternoon)
Ron PopeilР’В sells a lot of crap. His company produces a rotisserie oven that can turn a double-wide into an Old Country Buffet. It sells a dehydrator which can rid food of all that pesky moisture and a sausage maker for people with their own … I don’t know, pigs? Popeil has cured baldness with a spray can full of “hair” and in 1979 he alleviated unpleasantness caused by the common zit.

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