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JoeDog’s Pinochle is a computer pinochle game. It plays a four-player variation in which you are paired with a computer partner against two computer players.

Pinochle: Download the latest version We always keep a symbolic link pointing to the latest version of JoeDog’s pinochle. You can always find that link at this location: /pinochle/pinochle.jar

Pinochle: How To Play describes how to run and play JoeDog’s Pinochle. The game is pretty straight forward but passing cards and melding can be tricky for noobs. If nothing else, make sure you read those sections.

Pinochle: Configuration explains how to configure JoeDog’s Pinochle This page also includes some obscure settings that will help provide some insight into the game.

Pinochle: Rules of the Game describes how to play the classic card game. It covers everything from the deal, to auction bids, to melding cards and playing for tricks. This page includes a handy melding cheat sheet which I cribbed from Wikipedia. It should help noobs select cards to meld.


Pinochle 1.0.7 – fixes a roaming dialog bug. In some environments the bid dialog window would move around each time you submitted a bid. ANNOYING! (I know!). This version fixes that bug along with a few other minor ones. You should probably upgrade to this version.

Pinochle 1.0.6 – introduces a new high score counter. It allows you to track the highest hands ever played. This release also includes bidding improvements and many bug fixes. All 1.0.5 users should update to this version

Pinochle 1.0.5 – This version includes a bugfix which prevents cards from disappearing on the Windows platform.

Pinochle 1.0.4 – This version changes bidding behavior. Your partner will remain in the auction for as long as opponents remain in the bidding and she thinks she can win the trick. Once all opponents are out of the auction, she will drop out only if you top the last bid she made before the opponents dropped out. This release also includes several minor enhancements and bugfixes.

Pinochle 1.0.3 – This release includes several refinements. It has improved dialog placement, better card play and improved notification. It also plays a slightly better game.



This game is released under the terms of shareware. The cost is $0.00 and all features are included. This license was chosen only because the program contains some code whose licensing terms were ill-defined. I hope to release everything under the terms of the GPL.