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Sproxy FAQ


What Is It? ^

Sproxy is the Siege PROXY server. It is designed to harvest URLs into a file that can be read by siege. To create a siege urls.txt file, just configure your browser to use sproxy then browse the website you want to test.

How Does It Work? ^

Sproxy is the Siege PROXY server. This program is a perl daemon that sits between your browser and a web server. After you start the sproxy server, you configure your browser to use it as a proxy. With sproxy as your proxy, all you need to do is click on the URLs you want to siege. Sproxy will harvest the URL along with all the page elements, style sheets, images, javascript, etc. BE CAREFUL. Sproxy will harvest external elements as well. Before you feed the URL list to siege, make sure you edit it. You don’t want to siege your partners.

Does Sproxy Work With HTTPS? ^

Unfortunately, no. In order to support HTTPS, sproxy needs to establish a secure tunnel between itself and the web server. Thus far, we haven’t had the need to incorporate this feature. If you hack HTTPS support, please send us the code and we’ll get it into the base.