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up arrow Hope And Change: Nerdblog Edition

Your JoeDog read that women marry a man hoping he’ll change. Men, on the other hand, hope she’ll remain the same. He’s also noticed that most of the denizens on this nerdblog are men. They don’t like change! Well change is coming.

No, we’re not taking art classes with young guys named Pierre.

Your JoeDog is ditching cvs for git. This is a good thing. He’s using which means the repository will be available to you.

Unfortunately, the history is not. Your JoeDog tried and tried to port the history to git. He used all the tools, followed all the instructions and posted all the errors into the Google machine. Apparently his cvs repository is — how does he say this? — fscked up. It doesn’t seem fscked up but the Internets have spoken.

The commit history is important. A few years ago Your JoeDog was contacted by a heroic Patent Fighter. Some douche wanted to patent a rudimentary coding technique and Our Patent Fighter was searching for original art, stuff that was published before Patent Douche came up with his “orginal idea.” I believe that idea was, “I can’t believe nobody’s thought to patent this yet!”

Well sir, Your JoeDog was able to provide detailed publishing dates which were used as original art. Patent Douche was defeated and it was happy nice time for everyone but Patent Douche.

The point is, kids, don’t smoke cigarettes. Also, we’re moving the source to

UPDATE: Siege was added to; same deal, no history. You can check it out of version control with the following command:

git clone


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