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up arrow Indiana Right to Life Website Is “Hacked”

Indiana Right To Life took time out of its busy schedule to weigh-in on Gov. Mike Pence’s don’t-serve-wedding-pizza-to-gays law. It may surprise you to learn they’re for it!

It may also surprise you to learn the law is not universally accepted. And like all aspects of contemporary society, the conflict spilled into cyberspace. Hacktivists have taken down the IRTL’s website. IRTL labeled it “hacked” but it certainly looks like a DDOS. It was down at the time of this writing:

Now whatever your politics, this is a shitty thing to do. We can’t have a public debate if people use tools and weapons to silence speech. The First Amendment was first for a reason. If someone has stupid ideas — and there are many in this debate — then it’s up to you to expose them as such. But while its website is down, we can’t evaluate of IRTL’s policy position.

Plus DDOS is lame. It takes no creativity to execute and web users just think the site is down. If the victim didn’t run to the press, nobody would notice.

If you want to make a political statement with elite hacking skills, then make a stinkin’ statement. Don’t put your hand over someone else’s mouth. Replace the Board of Directors with pictures of Elton John and George Takei. Yeah, sure, IRTL gets a little worked up but nobody’s message was stifled and we had a few larfs along the way….

NOTE: Your JoeDog doesn’t condone cyber attacks but if you’re gonna attack cybers, then he implores you to show some creativity. 

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