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up arrow ISIS Unleashes Its Skiddies

skiddieThe FBI released a Public Service Announcement, you guys. According to the bulletin, ISIS skiddies have started attacking WordPress installations. They’re trying to exploit known vulnerabilities in an attempt to grab your personal and financial information.

Well, tell them to join the fscking club.

This site has been attacked so many times, that we’ve applied for Veterans’ benefits. Without checking the logs, we can confidently say that some asshole’s attacking it now. Why can we confidently say that? Because some asshole’s always attacking it!

The most frequent assault is a dictionary login attack. They pound the login page with an endless stream of login attempts. Here’s how we thwarted that one.

Your best defense against against these dicks is to keep your software up-to-date. If you operate in a specific region, you could always firewall off large parts of the globe. If we blocked Asia, we’d reduce attacks by over 50%. Don’t worry, Asia. We love you. But please get your software up-to-date.