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up arrow Is Ted Cruz A Retard?

A few months ago, Your JoeDog wrote about Ted Cruz. The topic was net neutrality. Your JoeDog favors it, the Senator opposes it. As a result, one of the more popular search phrases which drives traffic to this site is this question: “Is Ted Cruz a retard?”

Here’s the thing: we never called Ted Cruz a retard. We think he’s either stupid or evil.

And why is that?

In the article Your JoeDog wrote last November, Cruz told an audience that rotary phones became stagnant technology due to FCC regulation but iPhones thrived because the government kept its grubby laws off of them.  In the reality-based world, both devices fall under FCC jurisdiction. As a sitting senator, he should know that. After all, Cruz sits on the subcommittee of which oversees them both.

Now we’re not qualified to say whether or not Ted Cruz is a retard but if you typed that into the Internets and landed here, then you probably already have an answer to that question. Our hunch is this: Cruz doesn’t actually believe any of the stuff he’s peddling. Donors probably gave him large bags of cash to lobby in their interests. Unfortunately, those interests don’t correspond with mine. So if you want to call Cruz a retard, knock yourself out. Your JoeDog is sticking with “evil.”