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up arrow Now That’s Underhanded

The Underhanded C Contest challenges participants to write straightforward and clearly written code which doesn’t perform its intended purpose. Winning entries should easily pass inspection by other programmers so they can be added to the code base in order to execute their intended purpose which is to miscount votes, shave money from transactions or pass along information to another party, etc.

Some of the techniques used in this year’s contest include the use of K&R style function declarations to circumvent type checks, #include statements that change the package structure, swapping user space #define with system ones and a misleadingly long loop execution.

The winning entry leveraged the __isleap() function in time.h. Because that function is actually a macro it expands into an expression when a user defined macro is invoked multiple times. The winning author placed a subtle bug in that macro which plausibly turns the year into a 0 and writes past a buffer thereby performs the author’s intended purpose: to leak information to the outside world.

[Karen Pease: The Underhanded C Contest Winner]