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There’s a link going around the Facebooks. Exciting! It’s usually implemented like this: Click here to see who you should de-friend! Ha Ha! That’s only funny because they’re the lamest lamers who ever lamed.

Do you want to create a similar facebook link but you don’t know how? Well, Your JoeDog is here to help.

First: Find something you don’t like. Something like this:

Now copy the path from that URL. In this case, we’ll put this on our clipboard: /MiamiDolphins

Second: Construct another URL so we can graph search for its ID. You’ll append the text on your clipboard to The finished URL should look like this:

When you hit that URL in your browser, it will return some JSON. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all that stuff. There’s only one small bit of information that matters to us. We’re looking for the page ID. In this case it’s right at the top:

   "id": "87132269610",
   "about": "Welcome to the official Facebook home of the Miami Dolphins.",
   "can_post": false,
   "category": "Sports Team"

Third: Use that ID (87132269610) to construct your link: De-friend these people!!!

NOTE: Ha Ha! Your JoeDog switched IDs on you….