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up arrow Siege 4.0.5

Your JoeDog is pleased to announce the release of siege-4.0.5. Exciting!

This release includes several bug fixes and minor corrections. It also includes support for IPv6. It allows you to override content-type at the command line and it provides an option for outputting the results in JSON.

You can turn on JSON output with -j/–json-output

$ siege --no-parser -j -c5 -r5

"transactions": 50,
"availability": 100.00,
"elapsed_time": 7.34,
"data_transferred": 0.86,
"response_time": 0.67,
"transaction_rate": 6.81,
"throughput": 0.12,
"concurrency": 4.54,
"successful_transactions": 50,
"failed_transactions": 0,
"longest_transaction": 2.21,
"shortest_transaction": 0.14