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  • jan

    I have extended siege 2.72 so it supports more http methods.
    I also added a cmd line option to override the default Content-Type and did some other minor changes.

    The patch can be found on github as gist 2919579.

    It would be great if the patch could be incorporated into some future official release.

    Best regards

  • NateDennis

    let me start by saying siege is way faster than the other tools i have found on there. excellent job. the one thing that is stopping me from using it as my go to is i need to test multiple sessions, multiple logged in users (both which it does..) but i need it to fall through the login each time the sessions/cookies are clears with
    expire-session = true. how can i force it to fall through the login urls each cycle? if i add them to the url.txt, it becomes a single user test and i loose the benefit of randomizing the urls tested (from what ive read the reason you put this project together in the first place).. got any ideas? feature request? running v3.0.8