SIEGE is an http/ftp load tester and benchmarking utility. It was designed for developers and administrators to measure the performance of their applications under load. It can send a configurable number of simultaneous requests to a server. Those requests place that server “under siege.”

SPROXY is the siege proxy server. In order to collect URLs for siege, configure your browser to use the sproxy server. It collects all URL infomation, including POST data and GET requests, and writes them to file in a siege-friendly format.

FIDO is a multi-threaded log monitoring and file watching daemon. It can parse logs in real time for regular expressions and trigger a script on a match. It can also watch a directory for files older than a specified time and launch a script if something wasn’t updated as expected.

PINOCHLE is a computerized version of the classic card game. This version plays a four-player variation in which you are paired with a computer partner against two computer players.

DICK is a network / port scanner. It was named for the gumshoes of old. It can scan a network for active hosts with either ICMP echo or TCP/IP socket connects. Dick can also scan a single host for open ports.

WACKYD is a daemon that controls the LED lights on your extended keyboard. By default it sets the lights in motion in a Knight Rider pattern. wackyd implements the WACKY protocol which allows it to serve as a notification system. It listens for instructions on a local port. You’ve got mail? Change the keyboard pattern. You want to let a friend know that you’re online, change HER keyboard pattern.

PERL MODULES JoeDog::Config reads many different types of configuration file into many different data structures. JoeDog::Stats performs statistical analysis on grouped and ungrouped data and provides the means to configure customized distributions. JoeDog::ProgressBar rocks! JoeDog::Wacky provides a perly interface for Wackyd.

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